We do a lot at Inferen. Here’s how we can help.

Mobile/IOT Development

We leverage our years of mobile development experience to optimize performance, memory management, backend integrations, workflow, advertisement integration as well as the backend analytics to ensure our Clients have insight into how their mobile application is being used.


Inferen’s DevOps certified engineers are experts in most all DevOps tools, with a focus on automation, security, quality testing, maintainability, improved reliability and optimum predictability – whether you are releasing code once a day or once a month.


Need an entire development team, maybe an additional development unit or just a small supplemental development team for special projects that are outside of your core business?


With Managed Services from Inferen, organizations can outsource application maintenance, upgrades, configurations and management, enabling IT teams to focus on more strategic priorities.


Applications in the cloud continue to resonate with cost conscious and forward thinking technology professionals. Inferen has experience in many platforms and applications in the cloud, and our clients have partnered with us to develop solutions using some of the industry leading applications and technologies in the cloud.


Testing and Quality Assurance is a critical component of application development. It’s not an effort to tack on shortly before application delivery. At Inferen, we emphasize its importance through a mature QA/Test Practice reporting directly to the VP, Globary Delivery. We measure and monitor defect counts on a regular basis and automate this reporting using PowerBI and Jira.


Our continuous pursuit of perfection and client satisfaction is knit into our company culture.



Collaborating early and often..

  • Microsoft
  • Dell Boomi
  • Amazon
  • Looker

Inferen Technologies is a proud member of the Microsoft Partner Network that serves more than 430,000 businesses with more than 160 million mutual customers worldwide. We have demonstrated our proven capabilities and expertise as a Microsoft Competency Partner in Cloud Development.

Inferen works with Dell Boomi’s cloud integration and Master Data Management (MDM) tools to provide real-time visibility into enterprise information for our clients – regardless of whether the applications are cloud-based or on-premises.


Meet your cloud storage and infrastructure needs efficiently and as-needed. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides ease and flexibility when it comes to financing and scaling a company’s cloud infrastructure. Alongside the hosting and securing of data, AWS provides a variety of rich platform services and products conducive to lean and effective management of information.


Looker is a web-based business intelligence platform that brings people and data together, in context. Looker puts actionable data in the hands of the people who need it most, through a unique data description language called LookML. With it, analysts can create and curate custom data experiences—so any employee can explore and utilize the data that’s most relevant to them.